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Automatic Corona powder coating gun sold by our company operates based on negative ion charging principle. From the cascade inside the powder coating gun, high voltage is applied to the needle at the end of the gun barrel. The structure of the ambient air molecules are degraded by high voltage applied and negative ions are generated. Thanks to the negative ions generated, the powder particles are charged and the particles are held on the application work piece surface much better.

Automatic Corona powder coating guns and their spare parts can be used with all types of thermoset paint types. Since the automatic Corona powder coating gun contains a lot of dust at the powder paint outlet, it provides a great convenience during application to the work piece. The Automatic Corona powder coating gun performs the painting process with the help of the needle on its end only, so there is no need to install any additional apparatus to make the spraying process easier.

Our company aims to provide satisfaction to customers during the sale of powder paint guns and also serves to be the company primary preferred by customers when spare parts are needed.

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