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The MANUAL Tribo powder coating gun sold by our company charges powder particles by subjecting the particles to friction inside specially produced loading channels. Since the paint coming out of the manual Tribo powder coating gun side becomes charged, spare parts can also be used. The desired type of hoses which are sold according to the customer's request are attached to the tip of the manual powder coating gun and allows the painting process to become easier.

The manual tribo powder coating gun is an ideal device for working on especially curved parts. Our customers, who have received excellent application results in angular parts by using Tribo devices, offer their thanks to our company. Since the gun operates exempt from Faraday cage effect, it is much easier to get the desired results on curved and angled surfaces. Tribo powder coating gun, which provides very good results on epoxy, does not give the same results when used with polyester paint. Systems that are used automatically for this purpose may require the use of multiple guns. Our company, which you can work with confidence in the sale of spare parts and devices, serves to ensure your satisfaction.

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