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The AUTOMATIC Tribo powder coating gun and spare parts sold by our company charge powder particles by subjecting the particles to friction inside specially produced for the device loading channels. The fricton channels are the most distinguishing features since they are locations where charging process takes place on Tribo powder coating gun. Although automatic Tribo powder coating gun does not give successful results when used with polyester paint, it provides the most efficient result on epoxy. In order to use any kind of paints with Tribo powder coating guns in automatic systems, more than one gun may be necessary to use.

The Tribo powder coating gun which is being sold, together with spare parts manufactured, is the most ideal device to be chosen for painting edged parts. Tribo gun devices, which can provide ease of painting using spare parts, are also used with various hoses attached to their ends. Our company is an organization that you can work with confidence in the production of spare parts as well as the sales.

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