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Spray Tunnel type Systems

Iron Phosphate Spraying

The iron phosphate spraying process is the latest option in which the temperature, concentration, pressure and time parameters are effective. Although the initial investment cost is high, the product quality and the use of fewer chemicals makes it pay its cost in short period of time. This option can be used after alkaline degreasing bath or by adding neutral degreasing chemicals. It is possible to create a high quality phosphate layer in an environment with a temperature of 45-55 ºC, a pressure of 1.5-1.8 bar and a minimum application time of 1.5 minutes. If the alkali cleaning method is not used, the iron phosphate bath can be used together by adding chemicals which are the effect of degreasing. Bath options and cleaning methods vary according to operating conditions. The phosphated parts become paintable after passivation bath and drying at maximum 130°C.

Zinc Phosphate Spraying

This option shows similar characteristics to the general immersion baths. It differs from the immersion baths with concentration, time and pressure factors. The process time is short and bath concentration is less. It is operated at about 1.5 - 1.8 bar pressure. As in the case of the iron phosphate process, the effect of degreasing is not involved in the bath, for this reason the metal is usually cleaned by passing through an alkali degreasing bath. The material passing through the activation bath remains in the zinc phosphate bath for a minimum of 1.5 minutes. The process then ends with passivation and drying processes. Especially if the base of the zinc phosphate bath is tapered, the most probable problems arising from the phosphate mud will be minimized.

Bonderite NT1 Nano Systems

BONDERITE NT1 Nanotech is a product of HENKEL, which has a significant advantage over the traditional phosphate process used for a hundred years. This innovative product is a revolution in surface treatment in the metal industry due to its advantages.BONDERITE NT1 removes the phosphate waste from the conventional phosphate coating application process, reduces water use, reduces COD and BOD charge to zero as it does not contain heavy metals, works at ambient temperature and reduces the heating needs of iron phosphate, zinc phosphate coating processes and energy costs by 30%, reduces maintenance costs by eliminating problems such as blockage of spray nozzles and exchangers and filter cleaning. The treatment time for BONDERITE NT1 is between 20-60 seconds. In conventional phosphate coating, the treatment time is between 2-3 minutes. The speed of the plant is increased due to the short processing time and 20% cost saving is provided by the capacity increase. The corrosion resistance in salt test is met more than enough compared to 240 hours of Iron phosphate and 400-500 hours of zinc phosphate whıch are sector standards.

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