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Cable powder coating machines sold by our company are designed to work with minimum dust. These machines have been developed in order to provide easy intervention and ease of use and are designed to meet the exact needs of our customers.

The cable powder coating machine works with 4 filters and the particles escaping to the powdering part are collected by the high suction powerful vacuum with the help of the filters. Thus, the dust particles collected on the filters can be recovered by the reverse pressure system of the machine. Cable powder coating machine has been produced with the aim of raising the productivity of our customers while reducing their costs and it can fully meet your needs. The cable powder coating machine electrostatically charges the powder and ensures that the work piece is coated evenly and smoothly. Thus, there is no extra powder remains on the work piece, and the outer part of the machine is prevented from being covered with powder.

The cable powder coating machines which are sold and manufactured by our company have electrostatic charge setting. The suction speed and the electrostatic charge amount are increased and the work piece is coated in the most effective way to maximize the efficiency of the powdering process.

Electrical Demand 380-400 V 50 Hz
Electricity Consumption 2.0 kW
GUN input voltage 2,5 V-13 V
GUN input frequency 16 Khz
Electric Protection Class IP 54
Gun charging voltage Negative 100 Kv
Gun maximum current 85 uA
Filter group Special type polyester covered (Teflon) coated with anti-static
Filter quantity 4 piece
Filter cleaning automatically and alternately cleaned.
Gun Powder flow rate 0-30 kg/hour
Air inlet connection diameter 8-10 mm
Air inlet pressure Min. 4 bar-Max.8 bar
Air consumption 400 Lt. /min. (18 Nm 3-S)
Pressurized Air Specification Moisture rate: 1.3 g/m3 (max.)
Oil rate: 0.1 ppm (max.)

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