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In the existing conveyor type powder paint and wet paint facilities, a preheating group consisting of infrared heaters is placed in front of the paint oven and the drying oven. This heating group is positioned in front of the conventional oven air curtain. It can work with gas and electricity according to the customer's request.

By using this heating group, the longer preheating time of the conventional oven is reduced to a shorter heating time so that the work piece to be dried or cured enters the furnace at the drying or curing temperature. In the oven only the energy is consumed to prevent the heat loss of the product heated by infrared.

In this way:

The current conveyor speed can be increased by 25% to 50%.

Conventional oven gas consumption is reduced.

In powder coating applications, since the work piece enters the conventional oven after its paint become gelled, quality problems originating from the paint suspensions in the air are removed the need of cleaning the oven is reduced.

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