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Only the TSE and CE certified components are used in the electrical panels of the U-type powder coating ovens (Auto line) sold within the structure of our company.

The working principle of the TUNNEL TYPE powder coating curing and drying oven is based on curing the work piece while it is hung on the conveyor.
These types of ovens are internally rotating ovens. Once the work piece is hung on the conveyor, it is cured or dried while traveling at a speed determined according to its thickness and surface area.

TUNNEL TYPE powder coating curing and drying ovens are specially designed by our expert staff.
They are manufactured as demounted. This feature makes the oven easy to mount and move to other areas if desired.

TUNNEL TYPE powder coating curing and drying ovens are preferred by high capacity enterprises of the industry. These ovens are used in various sectors such as white household goods, automotive, construction, agricultural machinery, industry and etc.

Heat Exchangers are designed by being based on the principal of maximum efficiency and minimum fuel consumption. The thermoblocks which are mounted to the rear part of the oven are capable of raising the oven temperature from ambient temperature to + 230 ° C. Heat Exchangers are manufactured from Grade 310 Stainless Steel and are resistant to 1000 ºC.

TUNNEL TYPE Powder Coating Curing and Drying Ovens are manufactured as sandwich panels in disassembled condition by being installed on the supporting chassis. The inner surface of the curing oven is made of 1.2 mm ST 37 galvanized steel sheet and the outer surface is made of 1.2 mm ST 37 material.

The outer surface of the oven is coated with electrostatic powder paint and therefore the corrosion resistance is increased. Curing oven panels are insulated with 140mm insulation material as standard. The section corresponding to the inner side of the oven panels is insulated with 50mm thick Rockwool and the section corresponding to the outer side with 120mm thick Glass wool. Thanks to this insulation feature, the temperature losses in the curing oven do not exceed the ambient temperature more than (+- 10) degrees. In this way the curing oven consumes less fuel and does not overheat the working environment. In the curing oven there is a radiant fan for air circulation. Through the air channels extending through the furnace and the air vents placed on these channels, a homogeneous heat distribution is obtained inside the oven. There are two sliding doors at the inlet and outlet of the U-Type Powder Coating Curing ovens. These doors are adjusted automatically or manually according to the work piece size. In this way unnecessary heat losses are prevented and energy saving is ensured.

The temperature is controlled by means of a thermocouple placed in the oven. Curing and drying Ovens automatically give a warning signal when the desired temperature value is reached. The temperature can be adjusted between 0-250 ° C by means of the digital clock on the curing oven heat control panel.

The smoke tubes used in the thermo block consist of normalized seamless GRADE 304 stainless steel tubes. The thermo block is placed inside the combustion chamber and insulated is with 140mm thick Rockwool. A cap is available to intervene in the possible combustion chamber thermoblock failures. In the combustion chamber there is a circulation fan which distributes the heat into the oven. Burning efficiency is controlled by an inspection hole on the thermo block. In addition, measures against gas and diesel oil entrapment inside the thermoblock have been taken.

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