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The water screen and booth structure of Wetline water screen wet paint booths are manufactured from galvanized sheet panes. The water sent to the gutters located at the top of the wet line brand cabin system is continuously transferred downward by the effect of gravity, so that a water screen is formed on the metal surface.

Water tanks in Wetline water screen wet paint booths in whose production butterfly type service vanes are used have a completely leak-proof isolation.

The paint particles are retained by the filter installed in the air wash chamber of the booth, and thus the production efficiency is maximized.

Electric leakage possibility is reduced to a minimum level due to the rear nozzles of paint booths, which are manufactured as manual or automatic systems according to our customers' wishes. After the painting process, the paint particles floating in the wet paint booth are removed from the area by bringing into contact with water. Thus, it is ensured that the painting process is completed in a better quality and faster way. Water screen wet paint booths sold by our company can easily be used in all industrial areas where wet paint application is required. Furthermore, our water screen wet paint booth eliminates the possibility of sticking paint particles on the paint applied work piece thanks to the water system and it is totally environment friendly.

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