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Filtered Electrostatic Powder coating booths are one of the most practical and convenient models of the powder coating system and they are used by many manufacturers in the industry. Filtered Electrostatic Powder Coating booths are environmentally friendly with high powder holding capacity. Filters can hold up to 10 microns of powder particles. The filtered booths are preferred for easy paint change applications.

Inside PRESTİJ TEKNİK MAKİNE Electrostatic Powder Coating booths, dust particles absorbed by the fan are adhered to the filter. The powder particles adhering to the filter pour the paint into the cabinet through automatic pulse valves. The powder particles falling into the cabin are transferred to the screen system located under the booth, and after the foreign matter is removed, this powder is delivered to the powder spray gun. The number of filters required inside a booth is determined by the fan diameter, the size of the work piece to be painted and the number of spray guns in the booth.

According to customer preference Filtered Electrostatic Powder Coating booths are manufactured from chrome, ST 37 powder coated scoured steel plate or galvanized material. Powder coating booths are modularly constructed from 1.5mm and 2mm scoured steel plates. According to preference, the booths can also be manufactured from galvanized sheet, or stainless steel material. All parts of the booth are demountable and all of the connections are bolted.

The interior and exterior surfaces of the cabins are coated with electrostatic powder paint. Automatic screen depot is available in the booth. The accumulated powder paint on the cabin filters can be reused. The automatic reverse pulse cleaning system is used to detach the accumulated solids from the surface of the filter element. Filter pulse is done automatically.Filter elements are in Ø320 X 600mm. The filter elements have dust holding capacity of 10 microns. The suction fans used in the powder coating booth are of radial type. The fans are suitable for Manual and Automatic operation. Optionally an under booth automatic sweeping system can be added. In addition to the standard booths, special booths can also be manufactured.

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